Monday, September 05, 2005

The 17th Chief: Roberts

With breathtaking speed, POTUS brought the cameras into the Oval at 8AM on a Federal holiday and announced his nomination of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States.

I've already gotten an earful about this -- from Republicans.... But, hey, the second Catholic to be named Chief and the first since Roger Taney died 141 years ago.

Has Jesus taken control?



Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Roger B. Taney of the infamous "Dred Scott" decision.

6/9/05 00:50  
Blogger Jacob said...

The first Catholic on the Supreme Court was also the first Catholic chief justice. Justice Roger B. Taney served as chief from 1836 until 1864. Taney, the son of a Maryland plantation owner and slaveholder, was named to the court to fill the vacancy for chief justice.

The only other Catholic to have been chief justice, Edward Douglas White, was elevated to the position in 1910 after 16 years on the court as an associate justice.

Roberts would be the 10th Catholic on the court since it first assembled in 1790.

6/9/05 10:48  
Blogger Dom Dominic said...

Am I the only one struck by the tackiness of nominating a replacement before Chief Justice Rehnquist is in the ground? Regardless of ones political leanings, it just seems-- I dunno--TACKY!

6/9/05 12:23  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Tacky? George W. Bush?

Surely, you jest, sir!

6/9/05 17:08  

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