Friday, March 17, 2006

Reinventing The Tablet

After weeks of preparations, London's unveiled a comprehensive redesign of The World's Best Catholic Paper -- for which, of course, I work.

No, you can't read it online -- that'd be letting daylight in on the magic....

From the Editor, Catherine Pepinster:
Our intention, in making it much more attractive, is to make The Tablet a more pleasurable read. For, as the Catholic Church recognises, the image and the written word are an extraordinarily powerful combination.

The Tablet’s commitment to quality writing continues, as does our commitment to the best possible coverage of the Church and of the world. Since I became editor two years ago, I have tried to broaden The Tablet’s coverage, introduce more lively writers, while continuing to reflect the concerns of readers. These include education – a huge issue for parents and for the Church – the environment, interfaith dialogue, and the role of the laity in the Church. Coverage of Rome, and the developing world, remains a priority.
Great opening feature on "Britain's 100 most influential lay Catholics".... If we tried doing that in the States, violence would break out over the results. And the essayist Richard Rodriguez will be doing a monthly "snapshot" column on American life.

As I don't get my copy of the paper 'til Monday, I'll have to wait three more days to pore through it.... As always, however, it's a great time to subscribe.