Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Visit to All Saints

OK, so the darlings, fruits and mavens (oh, my!) of the right who inhabit my inbox are seeking to bite my head off 12 ways to Sunday (what's new?) because of last night's post about the potential election of an openly gay woman as a bishop in the Episcopal church.

Many thanks to a self-described "boots-on-the-ground Loggiahead" in Chicago for sending me this take on the faith experience at Rev. Bonnie Perry's All Saints parish:
It's a humble, simple church building that houses a congregation that practices true, in-the-world holiness. Just a word to assure you that the Bonnie Perry that came through in that article is the real Bonnie Perry. To echo the words of Michael Corrleone in Godfather III: "Good [wo]man, true priest."
Wow. Godfather quote.... Che Romanita'.

You'll have to forgive me for not foaming at the mouth -- I don't mess with "true, in-the-world holiness." I rather respect it, actually. If only the Catholic side had more of it.