Thursday, March 16, 2006

Name Game

Four hours 'til Tourney Tipoff....

Exchanging e.mails with a friend earlier, he came up with an interesting concept, which he termed "making descriptive language out of bishops names," using various appointment scenarios as paradigms for explaining the circumstances behind specific canonical provisions.....

Here are his examples:
Sampled = appointed at a very young age
D'Arcied = shipped out of town as a way to hush you up
Untenered = Forced to wear eccleisastical cement shoes and stay in one diocese for your career (see also: "Clarked", "Hubbarded", etc)
Georged = Being quietly moved to a See with an eye on another one before your installation
Mahonied = publicly crucified by people who wear "God's booster club" jackets
I would add the following:
Eganed = An appointee who wasn't on the terna
Wuerled = Buzzed about for every major vacancy, but never actually being named (this could well change soon, though....)
Re'd = When your patrons/friends in Rome make the arrangements for you (see also: Szokaed, Lawed, Levaded)
Dolaned = When you've earned it on your own (see also: Tedded)
Matanoed = Nuncio's choice
Lynched = When your last post was an ex officio launchpad
etc. etc.... We could do this all day long.

Further submissions are welcome by e.mail.