Thursday, March 16, 2006

Miracle at Palazzo Massimo

Zadok had this up earlier -- that today is the one day of the year when Palazzo Massimo is open.

So, you ask, what is Palazzo Massimo, and why today?
The chapel on the 2nd floor was a room where the 14 year old Paolo Massimo, son of Fabrizio Massimo, was recalled briefly to life by Saint Philip Neri on March 16, 1583. The interior of the palace is open to public only on that day. Other notable events in the palace of the 16th century including various intrafamilial murders.
"Various intrafamilial murders...." How Roman.

Anyways, a Loggiarazzi was on the ground and sent back these shots, despite huge signs that said "No photos!"

As if you'd guess otherwise (and, quel surprise, many Americans would), the Italians didn't care and just kept snapping away....

There were, I'm told, two young men "dressed up to protect the antiques but talking to each other, ignoring the crowd.... And the stuff! My God!"

What fun!