Thursday, March 16, 2006

Staying On

B16 grants donec aliter provideatur extension to the Philippine Cardinal Ricardo Vidal of Cebu -- announced at his Golden Jubilee Mass.... Vidal turned 75 last month.

"Giovannie Battista Cardinal Re has informed me that the Holy Father is inviting you to continue your ministry. I am giving you this information so that you can bring it to the knowledge of the entire archdiocese and continue in your pastoral service in the local church, giving to the Holy Father the decision when to appoint a new pastor for the archdiocese of Cebu," the nuncio said in a letter that was read during a mass celebrating the 50th anniversary of Vidal’s ordination as priest yesterday afternoon....

The crowd was surprised by the announcement of Vidal’s extension as Archbishop of Cebu because most of those who attended yesterday’s mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral were expecting that the Cardinal would give his farewell message.

In response, Cardinal Vidal said he will continue what he has been doing as Archbishop of Cebu and urged the Cebuanos to continue praying for him.

"Unworthy as I am, it is only in God’s presence that I found the strength to serve Him in the priesthood this past 50 years and the years to come," Vidal said.