Monday, September 05, 2005

O'Brien Gone Hard?

The cardinal-archbishop of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh, Keith O'Brien, has long been known as a man of surprises, but given his record, his latest move is genuinely surprising.

The senior prelate north of the border devoted a massive op-ed in yesterday's Times of London to register his opposition to a proposal of the devolved Scottish executive to "widen the pool" of families eligible to adopt to include unmarried heterosexual and same-sex couples.

I cannot understand this view. A mass of evidence attests to the instability of unmarried relationships and the chronic instability of same-sex partnerships, yet worryingly our “experts” ignore it.

Since unmarried couples have opted not to legally entrench their relationship in any recognisably permanent way, why assume that the entrenched permanence of adoption would appeal to them? Similarly, since less than 2% of the population is homosexual and a minority of this group are in “stable” relationships, very few might consider adopting.

It is difficult to see how the changes advocated can have any meaningful impact on “the potential pool of adoptive families”.

Even if the proposed changes were to result in a greater number of couples considering adoption, careful consideration would have to be given to the implications of allowing them to adopt.

Unmarried and same-sex relationships can reasonably be described as existing on a sliding scale of instability....

Wow. The man has gone doctrinaire on us.... Here's hoping he hasn't cut off Steve Gilhooley in the process.



Blogger Jeff said...

Golly! You mean he's decided that sex outside of marriage is a sin!?!? And that, being a sin, it might actually have a bad effect on people and society?!?

Gee, Catholics have NEVER believed actually like that before. St. Simeon Stylites must be rolling over in his grave.

Some Catholics actually believe in Catholicism. Others at least do us the honor of figuring they ought to pretend. Still others, puzzled when Catholics walk, talk, and quack like Catholics, have a word for being what one is: "Doctrinaire." I guess that just means believing what you're supposed to believe and acting like you do.

5/9/05 17:12  
Blogger patrick said...

I think the surprise is that there was an uproar over certain statements that Cardinal O'Brien made which suggested that he was open to some sorts of domestic partnerships (a la Levada?). Reading the statement carefully, there is nothing in it that contradicts what he said earlier...I think. In any event, he does seem like a maverick, and a very interesting one at that. Isn't he a Scottish nationalist?

6/9/05 13:09  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Chronic instability of same-sex partners? Real proof, please.

How about the 50% divorce rate (at least here in California) of opposite sex partners, Catholics included?

But, then, any old fool can breed children. It takes quite a commitment to adopt them, and raise them, particularly in the face of a lack of societal support.

I'll stack my 33 year relationship against anyone else's.

6/9/05 17:05  

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