Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More from The Enchanted Forest

With thanks to everyone who's keeping me briefed, this just popped up:

"[The driver]'s now looking at a special Class 2 aggravated DUI, which is punishable by 6 to 28 years in the Department of Corrections," said Suzanne Willett of the Lake County State's Attorney's Office.

Also charged in the case was 36-year-old Mark Rowlands, NBC5's Mary Ann Ahern reported. It was his car that was allegedly racing through the seminary. In the car, authorities found police badges as well as a gun and ammunition....

Cardinal Francis George is said to be very upset, Ahern reported. He paid a personal visit to the seminary Monday night. Both Rowlands and Spaulding have been placed on indefinite leave of absence pending the outcome of their criminal investigations.

Rowlands had worked for a sheriff's office in Ohio but was reportedly fired for misspending $300,000. Chicago Archdiocesan officials said they were unaware of his past despite two background checks.

"When he left, we took his identification card, and we also took his badge, which was a captain's badge," said Fairfield County Sheriff David Phelan. "How he got a lieutenant's badge, we do not know."

Whatever the case, the Depth of Stupidity award goes to Chicago archdiocesan spokeswoman Colleen Dolan, who said that said "the students were driving back from having dinner at a restaurant when the car's driver lost control of the vehicle when he swerved to avoid hitting a deer."

At 1 in the morning. On a weeknight. And the driver had a blood-alcohol level of .16 -- twice the legal limit. You don't get that tanked in a restaurant.

And as a Chicago source said, "There's not a kitchen in Lake County open PAST MIDNIGHT!"

It's upsetting for everyone. Any word on how the Molnar family's doing?



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