Tuesday, September 20, 2005

He Ain't Goin Anywhere

Cardinal Karl Lehmann has been elected to a fourth term as president of the extremely influential German Bishops' Conference.

The 69 year-old bishop of Mainz and leader of German Catholicism's moderate-to-progressive wing attained the required supermajority of two-thirds on the first ballot of today's voting, according to a wire report.

Known for a propensity toward blunt speech (he was the first senior prelate to advance the option of papal resignation), Lehmann has served as president of the German Bishops since 1987. His re-election to another six year term will bring him to his 75th birthday in 2011.

PHOTO: AP/Max Heydenreich



Blogger Ephraem said...

Looks like the rest of the lying European bishops, especially Germans and Vichy French, who were, and still are, so hard pressed to explain what they were doing during the War. Sorry boys, move over. Get out of the way.You have no credibility. Stop telling people born after 1962 what to do!!

21/9/05 12:01  

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