Monday, September 19, 2005

When the Angels Sing....

I don't often post private e.mails from readers -- all e.mails I get from readers are private -- but one of my Guardian Angels has asked to have a word with everyone as the Fund Drive continues.

I've learned so much from my correspondents, and I'm daily encouraged and inspired by the support I get from the good hearts out there who really love the church and seek to be nothing more than the best Christians they can be, which is hopefully the vocation each of us keeps ever at the forefront of our lives.

All are examples of goodness to me, and my friend Malcolm in London is tops on the list.

God love him, he asked me to post this. I'm almost bashful at his words. All thanks in advance to everyone who can lend a hand:
Dear St. Blog readers.

My attention was drawn to Rocco's Blog site by a friend, back in June of this year. I have been 'logging on' ever since. I am a retired Architect due to disability and now live on a fixed income off the State. That is the United Kingdom social services since I live in London. I have contributed more than once, to his guitar case ,since I have always believed "you don't
get owt for nowt" (Translated "anything for nothing")

I find Rocco's site inspiring, informative, often very amusing, and how much fun do we get from our Catholic faith? Rocco site is a rare blend of good Theological insight and with a strong sense of justice about how our Faith is exercised by its pastors and its people, wherever they are found. His links with other websites are often a great benefit to find information and knowledge in places I would have never gone and often didn't know existed.

His site has opened Catholic people to each other in all their diversity, and to people of other faiths and none. People who may never previously have engaged in any dialogue. It is truly a blessing (and a curse for some) to have this service and it would be very sad indeed if Rocco had to go back to wandering the Malls to earn a crust.

If he publishes this, I have never met Rocco or ever spoken to him, it is because I truly feel that "Whispersintheloggia" must not fade from the Internet. Please give whatever coinage you have to his guitar case, any money given is completely secure and I know, gets to the man himself.

Thank you in anticipation and God Bless

Malcolm R Winrow London N13 UK

Guitar case is on the right sidebar.... Again, all thanks in advance.



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A-flipping-men !!!

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