Monday, September 19, 2005

Tears of a Schismatic

As if he wasn't before, Papabile proves himself again to be our resident SSPX go-to guy.

Apparently, the excommunicated SSPX head Bernard Fellay had to open his mouth in a lengthy interview with DICI -- Econe's in-house news agency....

Some snips:
There was likewise on our part the plan to remind once more the Sovereign Pontiff of the existence of Tradition. Ours is the concern to remind him that Tradition is the Church, and that we incarnate the Church’s Tradition in a manner that is very much alive. We want to show that the Church would be much stronger in today’s world if it maintained Tradition. Thus, we want to put forward our experience: if the Church desires to escape the tragic crisis that it is presently going through, then Tradition is a response, indeed the only response, to this crisis.
Um, Bernie, Vatican II is part of that Tradition. Accept it or else.
[In the papal audience] We there outlined a description of the Church, quoting the “silent apostasy” of John-Paul II, “the boat which is taken in water from every side” and “the dictatorship of relativism” of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, with as an appendix of photos of Masses quite as scandalous as one another....

Finally, we expressed our requests: the changing of the attitude of hostility towards Tradition, which attitude makes the traditional Catholic life (Is there any other?) practically impossible in the conciliar church. We requested that this be done by granting full liberty to the Tridentine Mass, by silencing the accusation of schism directed against us, by burying the pretended excommunications, and by founding a structure for the family of Tradition within the Church.
Oh, Jesus. He blew it. He really blew it.... "Accusation of schism"? "Pretended excommunications"?

Yeah, it's safe to say now that Williamson basically speaks the mind of the group. Don't expect a reconciliation anytime soon. And there goes the universal indult right along with it.



Blogger Jason Cardona said...

While I don't expect a universal indult, even for the sake of the SSPX, I do think the Holy Father will do something to advance the "legitimate" cause, in the words of John Paul II, of those who seek to worship according to the Missal of St. Pius V.

19/9/05 20:18  
Blogger Jeff said...

I agree with Jason and my guess it will come out of this Synod or after it.

And now that the doc on ordination of the "Differently Oriented" appears to be coming out despite everything, I'm not so sure that there WON'T be something on the order of a Universal Indult.

Fellay et al. aren't as important as they think they are! (And don't you just love his "We" and "Our"? Maybe he's looking for a Vacant Seat to sit in!)

19/9/05 21:00  
Blogger R. Thornton said...

The Holy Father must have sat there with his mouth wide open, or at least I think he would have done were he not so courteous. But in any case, what could he have said to Fellay? Just astonishing. What planet...? What would St. Pius X have done? I tremble to think. And of course, one wonders about the accuracy even of Fellay's version of events.

19/9/05 22:09  
Blogger Curmudgeon said...

Jeff, don't tell me you're buying or selling the scurrilous accusation that the SSPX are sedevacantists. Whatever their difficulties and errors are, they don't include sedevacantism. And of course Fellay says "we" and "our"! He's not invoking the "royal we" (which, happily, Benedict does seem inclined to do). He's there as the superior of a society of 500 or so members. Were he to say "I" and "my," wouldn't that be more ridiculous and egotistical (nay, even cultlike).

As for the way he characterizes the excommunications, you need to understand (without necessarily agreeing) the Canonical basis for their challenge to the validity of those excommunications. They say they were declared excommunicated latae sentiae ex parte--they weren't judged by a tribunal and the facts of their defense (subjective necessity, which is a legitimate defense under the 1983 code) were never considered. You don't have to agree with that (I don't presume to have an opinion from my distant vantage point), but you can't simply ignore it.

And I have to think that St. Pius would be astonished at "Bernie," but also quite taken aback by everything else. For instance, I could see him asking, after Fellay was dismissed with a tounge-lashing, "OK, Joe, where's my tiara?"

And no, I'm not an adherent to the SSPX.

19/9/05 23:58  

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