Monday, September 05, 2005

Disappeared Without a Trace

From the diocese across the river, a religious priest is suddenly removed:

The Rev. Salvador "Sal" Scudery, who served as priest for 11 years at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Fatima, has been removed from the position, Bishop Joseph Galante announced Sunday.

No official explanation for the move was offered, although it was described as involuntary. Galante called Scudery's removal from the parish a decision from his superiors.

The announcement stunned many parishioners at the South 4th Street church, many of whom were left asking for an explanation and wishing for a chance to say goodbye.

Scudery belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary missionaries congregation, based in Rome. McDermott said the reasons for Scudery's removal must be asked of his superiors there....

All the usual bells-and-whistles: parishioners threatening to leave the church, testimonies to the guy's sanctity, etc....

Per usual, God only knows what the hell is going on.



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