Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More from the Floor

The superlative Ann Rodgers reports on Day Two:
The [bishops] also received results of a survey they had completed on proposed changes to the words of the faithful in the Mass. Of 240 bishops voting, 58 percent wanted to keep the current words to the Gloria and the response "and with your spirit." And 55 percent wanted to keep the current prayer that begins "Lord I am not worthy to receive you."
Sub tectum meum, it seems, has not entered under most episcopal roofs.
[The death penalty document, which was approved by a wide margin] expressed empathy for victims and their families, but said execution heals no one. It noted differences in moral gravity between church teaching against abortion -- which is always considered wrong -- and the death penalty, which can be justified under certain circumstances.

Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh supported the document. "If this is a way to help people reflect a bit more seriously on the value and dignity of life, and what the limits of human control over life should be, I think it is probably more than needed," he said.

I have a good bit from my own grab bag of e.mails and phone conversations. But it will have to wait 'til the other side of dawn.... It's been a long, wonderful day, ed io sto stanco morto.