Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Adoption Waves Continue....

Just in case one of Colorado's six gay couples decides that they'd like to adopt through Catholic Charities, the policy's being clarified:
Catholic Charities in Denver scrambled Monday to develop a formal policy on adoption after reports that counterpart agencies in Boston and San Francisco had been offering adoptions to same-sex couples."Up to now the policy hasn't been defined," said Randy Weinert, communications director for Catholic Charities in Denver.
Considering the exigencies of the situation, this "scrambling" is bizarre.
Monday, Catholic Charities in Denver released a statement by Mauck, saying it is "imprudent and wrong" to demand that children be placed with couples "whose life choices run contrary to the values and beliefs of Catholic Charities and many other non-profit child-placing agencies."

"Children deserve to be placed into homes centered around a wife and mother, and a husband and father," the statement said. "Human history has amply shown that children thrive best when they grow in such a family. In offering adoptive services, Catholic Charities has consistently maintained this position."

Make of it what you will.