Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Hundred Indults Bloom... Some Don't...

...and Whispers has made the AP wire. Not bad for a kid with a blog.

Last time I was on AP -- and, yes, it has happened before -- violence broke out in the River City. No lie. So here's hoping this time, it's a bit more sedate....

Well, it's a sign of the zeitgeist when we have a vegan bishop. And even he has granted a dispensation for Paddy's.

That sound you hear in the distance are the tears of St. Patrick, though. As previously reported here, the Harrisburg Irish -- whose diocesan patron is the Apostle of Eire -- aren't getting their indult, and they're not happy. But they've found ways to compensate.
Not all the news from the diocese is bad for midstate Irish Catholics. "I don't think we have any [regulations] against green beer," Aponick said.
However, when a prelate can be seen as more rigid than Fabian Bruskewitz, well, that speaks for itself. So congrats to Kevin Rhoades for earning that dubious accolade.

Poor John Timoney. No indult in Miami -- well, not a general one; pastors have been given the discretion.....

Do the people care?
Jean Bown of Boynton Beach, who attends St. Thomas More Catholic Church, and her husband, Duke, are headed to Miami to eat corned beef and cabbage with her children. Informed that the dispensation was not lifted in Miami, she remained firm.

"Well, then, I'm afraid I'm going to sin," she said with a laugh. "Yup, I'm going to do it."

What's the penance, dear readers?

The master count, by the by, is up to 71....