Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bread and Lemons

So I've got a family confirmation later in the week. No, it won't look like the above photo -- that's just something I found in my travels and I've posted it to make the girls happy. (And by that we don't mean the confirmandae in the photo.... But I digress.)

I love confirmations. They're always exciting, and one particularly noteworthy aspect is that they're the one time most Catholics have any personal interaction with a bishop. Ever.

Continuing with our series on the sacraments begun last week, I'm curious to hear about how the celebration of confirmation takes shape out there: how the liturgy is adapted and crafted to make it a memorable celebration, how the confirmation class contributes to that and, especially, the touches that bishops bring or have brought to the confirmations over which they preside.

And, of course, do "The Questions" still get asked out there? You gotta love those.... For the curious, this post's title comes from the two elements which are used to get the chrism (the smell of which is damn near addictive) off the bishop's hands.

I'm going to change it up a bit and ask for input via e.mail. It'd be fun to pool everything into one summary post. Most Reverend readers are, of course, especially welcome to contribute -- and, as always, fret not: you'll be protected.