Monday, September 19, 2005

Read All About It?

Michael Schiavo's writing a book:
Michael Schiavo is co-writing a book with author Michael Hirsh to tell his side of the end-of-life case that divided much of the country.

Schiavo's wife Terri suffered a brain injury in 1990 that left her in what some doctors called a "persistent vegetative state." She died March 31 after a bitter court battle between her husband and her parents.

Hirsh expects the 280-page book, "Terri: the Truth," to be available just before the first anniversary of Terri's death. Dutton Publishing publicity manager Jean Anne Rose confirmed that the company is publishing the book in March.

Please God, no book signings. It could get ugly.



Blogger Todd said...

It's going to get ugly even without book signings. Schiavo and his publisher can probably thank his in-laws and the anti-abortion movement for 90% of the gross sales on the book. I suspect they're all salivating at the thought of the blogosphere whipping itself into a frenzy over this and driving sales up yet further.

19/9/05 13:29  

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