Sunday, September 18, 2005

Philly Digest, Part Two

In the River City of the Pharaohs, the Great Feast has dawned.

By car, train, bus and on foot, the hope-filled Faithful will come, standing and singing in the shadow of the Temple. As their fathers and grandfathers did before them, they will pray for the mercy and deliverance of the Almighty, seeking His mercy and His help, that they may be brought to the celebration of eternal gladness which is the longing of human hearts.

Today is Eagles Home Opener. And 70,000 rabid congregants -- with millions more watching on couches and in bars -- will celebrate a new year, filled to the brim with supplications that this one will end differently than all the ones before. Four NFC Championship games, one victory, a Super Bowl loss. Such is the nature of dreams in this town.

There may be a monstrance coming down the Ben Franklin Parkway tonight, but the "bigger" trophy has nothing to do with Jesus -- just his football equivalent, Vince Lombardi. And this town wants to see that piece of silver glory carried down Broad Street so badly it can be tasted across the universe.

Exaudi nos, Domine, et libera nos de hoc exilio nostro.

In the parishes of the archdiocese, every Sunday liturgy this weekend is the Votive Mass of the Holy Eucharist as a tie-in to this evening's festivities. We've been briefed that the altar at Logan Circle -- a block from the Cathedral -- will be 13 feet high.

Due to the Votive, the green of Ordinary Time is being subbed for white. But we can be grateful that Triumph of the Cross didn't fall on this Sunday, where the proper color would've been red. Not the best thing when the 49ers are this week's sacrificial offering on the field.

Say what you will, but it's Eagles' Home Opener.



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