Friday, September 16, 2005

BC Gets it Right

From today's Boston Globe:
The chairman of the Boston College theology department, the Rev. Kenneth Himes, sharply criticized the [seminary] review yesterday, saying that if the bishops really want to understand what caused the sexual abuse crisis, they should investigate their own offices.

''What really created the sexual abuse crisis was not poor formation [of priests] in the seminaries, but poor personnel management in the chanceries," Himes said. ''Now we are having an investigation of the seminaries, but I wonder when the Vatican and the American bishops will investigate their own chanceries."

In a word, don't hold your breath.



Blogger patrick said...

That was a pretty good retort by Himes.

16/9/05 11:46  
Blogger Sam Martini said...

Seems to me it makes sense to look at both the seminaries and the chancery management. Any reason why it must be one or the other - I'm sure there plenty of blame to go around!

16/9/05 21:59  

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