Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Complete Papal Death Edition

This is fascinating.... Another Vatican first:
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope John Paul II's last words, mumbled weakly in Polish, were: "Let me go to the house of the Father," according to a Vatican account of the pontiff's final days.

The Vatican publishing house has produced a 220-page volume, with entries in chronological order starting Jan. 31, the day the Holy See's press office announced that the pope's audiences were being suspended because he had flu symptoms. John Paul died April 2.

The publishing house said Saturday that the volume, which can be purchased at the Vatican, went on sale in recent days.

It might be a while before an English translation appears -- the English Compendio of the Catechism has been pushed back from October to the end of the year.... However, if I can get my hands on a copy of the Italian of this, I could offer snippets of translation.

Time to go book-huntin'. Tip to Papabile.



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