Monday, June 06, 2005

Wisdom! Let Us Be Attentive!

For the curious, the phrase above is used in the Eastern rites for the proclamation of the Gospel.

I'm not usually keen on mixing church and state -- the Lord-impersonator has called fringe Republicans who masquerade as orthodox Catholics to do that on a daily basis -- but it's time to call on one of my heroes.

My grand designs are few, but when it comes to the niche I seek to carve for myself with what I write and what I do, I've always wanted to be the Catholic Molly Ivins.

Speaking of the crazy and corrupt Texas Lege, the Fair Amy writes about Lone Star Politics today. And her take is dead-on.

Well, Miss Molly has some good points about how "the culture of life" will soon be emblazoned on the portico of the White House. Of course, this emphasis is the brainchild of Deal Hudson, the paragon of innocent human life and dignity if ever there were one.

I've gotten a lot of flak about calling Deal out. But, hey, I'm not the one who made him a millstone -- you can thank Karl Rove, neocon bishops and Republicans with too much money for that. Thank the Lord-impersonator, too.

Hey, as even the President has said, "consider the source."



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