Sunday, June 05, 2005

Angelus Recap

Now that was really cool. Benedict XVI has become a rock-star pope.

I was worried at the outset that Joseph Ratzinger's serenity wouldn't mesh well with the screaming, whooping crowds his predecessor played to. But to hear the throng in the Square chanting and screaming is a very good thing. Papa Ratzi had to keep saying, "Cari Fratelli e Sorelle!" to try and quiet them down! And every time they would start cheering, one could hear a soft "grazie" or two come from the window. Very sweet.

The church is alive, and the church is young, indeed.


As this blog nears its six-month anniversary (it's amazing my head's still on straight), I'm keen to raise the stakes a bit, and you'll be seeing some cosmetic and other changes in the coming weeks. Feedback and suggestions are, as always, sought and welcomed.

I'd like to highlight one addition in particular. Last week, I spoke of my wish to keep this outlet a reader-supported enterprise in the public trust. Only with your help can I do that and maintain the necessary commitment to being on top of things as I've been, especially in the aftermath of the election of Benedict XVI, culminating in the appointments of Archbishop Levada to the CDF and Don Stanislaw to Krakow -- both moves first broken on these pages.

So you'll see a donation button along the sidebar. If you can toss a couple coins in a blogger's guitar case, grazie mille. My friends will attest that I'm not the hat-in-hand kind of guy -- if I were, why would I be doing this? -- but survival isn't a luxury, but a necessity.

More than anything else, thanks to all for your support and interest. It means the world, as do your prayers.



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