Friday, June 03, 2005

More Dziwisz

John Allen? John Allen? Hello?

I just got off the phone with a colleague who said, "You had the three biggest appointments of the past three months down, and Allen was nowhere to be found on them -- the Pope, Levada, and now Dziwisz."

Your Humble Vaticanista (I don't get paid for this) has won the Ecclesiastical Triple Crown. And from Philadelphia, no less. I might have to show at the Wawel on 27 August.

I actually ran the Don Stani stuff here on February 8, while JP was still alive. Feel free to check it, but here's a snippet:

We'll know John Paul II sees time as being short when he dispatches his great widow, Dziwisz.

...he will send his beloved secretary and companion of four decades as the final gift of his heart to the place where it's always remained -- to Krakow, to ascend the chair of another Stanislaw as archbishop there. The passing days make such a transition ever more feasible, given that John Paul's handpicked successor at home, Cardinal Francizek Macharski, will be 78 in May, thus his retirement letter has long been on the desk in Rome.For Karol Wojtyla to send his first student to continue the work in their beloved diocese would be bittersweet beyond words....

This is the story of stories, and when it happens just remember you heard it here first.....

You heard it here first -- twice. And now, it is what is. What else do I have to say?



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Thanks for the heads up on his appointment. :)

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