Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Pope's New Publisher

It seems that Ignatius Press will have to enjoy the windfall while it lasts. Their fount might be running dry -- B16 is jumping houses.

This morning's Bollettino announces that, henceforth, Libreria Editrice Vaticana (the Holy See's publishing arm) owns and guards the rights over ALL the pre-election works of Joseph Ratzinger, including those already under contract elsewhere. From the Holy See's perspective, it's a smart move -- the books'll sell like gangbusters -- but it also provides for a certain standard for the pope's publishing.

Speaking of Ignatius, Joe Fessio took his final vows in Rome yesterday -- for some mysterious reason, his solemn profession was always held up. (Anybody who knows the reason behind it is welcome to chime in.) Now could B16 mend his fences by asking Fessio to take a LEV post? Or is that not enough for Fessio's supporters? Given their recent behavior, they have no right to protest if the progs decided to use that moment to go crazy.

It'll all come out in the wash, no?



Blogger The Reluctant Lawyer said...


What is a LEV post? What do you mean by that not being enough for his supporters? (This is a legitimate e-mail address, I just prefer to use a pseudonymn online, though I will be glad to tell you who I am.)

1/6/05 15:22  
Blogger patrick said...

I think this is less significant than it sounds. It sounds as if B16 has either assigned or sold the copyright to LEV. Any licensing agreement between B16 and Ignatius Press would be unlikely to change: LEV would simply step into the shoes of B16 as the party to the contract. If, however, the relationship between LEV and Ignatius goes sour and they end up suing each other in civil court, that would be VERY interesting indeed.

1/6/05 15:28  
Blogger The Reluctant Lawyer said...

Sorry got what LEV means.

2/6/05 12:42  

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