Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Give the Man a Break

Continuing on an earlier thread, CWNews is working hard to turn the world upside-down and cement its place as the keeper of the John Paul legacy, outing progressive bishops, judging Bush-haters and all... in the name of Jesus, of course.

As Sandro Magister said of the late pope:

Even today, four decades [after the Council], the journalists who write about the Church are still influenced by this dualist format: progressives vs. conservatives. But in the meantime there has been a long pontificate, that of pope Karol Wojtyla, who could not be put in this box. Is a pope who contributes to the peaceful revolution that caused the collapse of the communist empire conservative or progressive?

John Paul II did not just contribute to the fall of the Berlin Wall; he also contributed to the fall of the dualist format, progressive vs. conservative, that dominated the analyses of Catholic Church news.

As much as I'd like to agree, for all Wojtyla did, he didn't bring down the status quo in terms of coverage. If that dualist format fell, Lawler would be out of business. To him, Magister's take is like nails on a chalkboard. Just as Novus Ordo Watch sees every Pope since Pius XII as a heretic, every Pope in CWNewsWorld is Wayne LaPierre, regardless of what the Holy See has to say about it.

In the name of John Paul's posthumous conservatism, the always certain, often wrong Diogenes (the new Deep Throat) has now gone on an expedition to demonize Don Stanislaw for not burning JP's papers:

Is this commendable loyalty, or crass insubordination? ... [W]e all know what the late Pope wanted. He wanted the notes burned.

Yes, Virginia, you knew Karol Wojtyla better than Dziwisz did. We all know that JP was just deluding us by keeping Stani at his side for four decades.

Give me a break.

It's really charming -- John Paul's sycophants still won't let the poor man rest in peace, going after Stani (his best friend and most trusted companion) like this in the name of political point-scoring. If only they were so assertive and observant about Wojtyla's public teachings on unregulated capitalism as source of moral rot, peaceful resolution of conflict as the Christian way, the collaboration of bishops with laity as fruit of the Council, etc. etc. But, wait, those didn't fit into their political worldview.

Did somebody say "spin"?



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