Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Valid Beef

With a tip to the Fair Amy, I found this post. I probably don't agree with this guy on everything -- I can see the slant -- but his points in the link are solid, and noteworthy.

And, by the by, cons would win a lot of credibility points if they actually spelled the surname of the cardinal-archbishop of Los Angeles correctly. It seems that "Mahoney" (with an "e") has become a revisionist-history triumph for them, a subliminal pejorative.

In the real world, it's Mahony. No "e."



Blogger CDE said...

I've seen both "Mahoney" and "Mahony" and I didn't know which was correct. Looks like I needed a Vatican analyst to get this one right. Thanks!

By the way, what exactly do you do as a Vatican analyst? Are you a columnist?

5/6/05 20:15  

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