Monday, September 25, 2006

Stay Tuned....

At the request of Cardinal Edward Egan, tomorrow's anticipated launch of The Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio "has been put on hold for the next few weeks."

Recuperating from knee-replacement surgery earlier this month, the archbishop of New York called a delay on the channel's debut "so that he can be more actively involved than he can be right now," archdiocesan spokesman Joe Zwilling said in an e.mail. The cardinal had "thought he would be more able to participate in the run-up and the launch" than the post-op period has made possible.

As the archdiocese is responsible for putting together the channel's content, Zwilling -- who has served as the chief liaison for the project since its May announcement -- said Egan's request was "very reasonable."

The change of time-frame will allow the 74 year-old prelate to take a full part in the launch, the revised date of which was not disclosed.