Monday, September 25, 2006

Hiatus Finitus Est

After committing the unpardonable sin of placing Sioux Falls in the wrong Dakota last week, it seemed the unmistakable sign that, indeed, things were getting a little too hectic 'round these parts and a rest was needed.

Of course, not heeding this sign, Providence took matters into its own hands. Thursday night, while plugging away at the machine, the screen flickered and, just like that, the backlight on the display went dark.

As if the backlog of e.mails, stories, etc. wasn't large enough already.

It took three days, three states and a couple hundred miles on the Rockmobile, but greetings from yet another new machine, which now becomes the third victim of my intense workload in 2006 alone.... Here's hoping the third time's the charm; and now, back to business.