Monday, September 25, 2006

If It's Monday, It's Milingo

After ratcheting it up a bit last week, renegade Zambian prelate "installs" four bishops over the weekend. As the four were already bishops in the Old Catholic line, what this means is somewhat vague from the text.....
Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo — whose marriage to a woman chosen by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon scandalized the Roman Catholic Church — performed the ceremonies at a Capitol Hill church.

Installed were the Rev. George Augustus Stallings, Jr., of Washington, Peter Paul Brennan, of New York, Patrick Trujillo, of Newark, N.J., and Joseph Gouthro, of Las Vegas.

The four men claim affiliation to the breakaway Synod of Old Catholic Churches.

"We are not only validly ordained Catholic bishops, but we are ordained Roman Catholic bishops," Stallings said.

Milingo has said that the head of the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops has demanded he send a letter of repentance by Oct. 15 to Pope Benedict XVI or face "canonical suspension."