Monday, September 18, 2006

A Tale of Two Archbishops

In response to Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo's controversial presence and highly contagious brutta figura on his turf, Archbishop John Myers of Newark has released a statement.

It is important to remember what the Church has long taught and practiced concerning celibacy: that those of us who answer the call to Holy Orders in the Latin Rite Church give ourselves entirely to God. Chaste celibacy – or to put it into more practical terms, the active agreement of a priest to forego the bonds and obligations that marriage entails – permits the priest to dedicate himself completely to a new life of service. It is a gift to God, the Church and her people, freely given.

I can only pray that Archbishop Milingo will soon rediscover the core of his own priestly promise of celibacy, and work then to undo the confusion and sorrow he is causing with his current actions.