Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Elevated, Already?

So a blog I hadn't seen before linked to my Rosa Parks post.... But the real story is this handle:

"Rocco Palmo, dean-in-training of American vaticanisti...."

Wow. I'm humbled. If only the fruition could eventually come to pass... but it won't because I've resigned myself to the reality that I will never be able to make a living in this business and, existing commitments aside, have started to cast a wider net.

But I'm still grateful for the accolade.



Blogger Flambeaux said...

Don't be so down, Rocco.

It may not happen this year, but give yourself a 5 or a 10 year horizon and plan on how to get paid to do this full time.

John Allen has to retire at somepoint, doesn't he? Not that I'd urge him to do so.

My point is simply that, while you might not be able to make a living at it now, take stock of how best to make a good living at something else, related or not, and learn to live such that, should the opportunity present itself, you can jump on it without hesitation.

9/11/05 17:49  
Blogger Liz said...

Chin up, Rocco. After all, what did Jesus accomplish before he turned 30?

9/11/05 19:49  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Rock: don't forget that John Allen labored for some years as an underpaid teacher before he launched a second and, now, successful career. I'm sure he's not getting rich at it, though.

Your current days of penury are precursors to ??? to come!

To quote Bl. Mecthilde of Ubaldigor .... Cope, don't mope!

9/11/05 20:49  

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