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Williamson: I <3 Schism

Our good friend Papabile has resurfaced, ever briefly, to send me an interview with the always colourful schismatic Richard Williamson from the Society of St. Pius X.

Williamson -- one of the world's pre-eminent Holocaust deniers, misogynists and anti-Semites -- answered 10 questions from the AngelQueen forums....

Here are some snips:
AQ: Leaving aside the debate in some circles as to whether the supposed latae sentiae excommunications are binding or even valid, if they were lifted "no strings attached" would you view this as a positive development?

Bp. Williamson: If the present "excommunication" upon the Society's four bishops, dating from 1988, were declared null or non-existent, with -genuinely- "no strings attached", that could be a very positive development. Yet it should be borne in mind that Providence may have had good reason to allow the Society and its bishops to be "marginalized". The marginalization may well have served to protect the Society, and may still be doing so.

AQ: If Rome were to declare that no permission was needed for the Tridentine Mass to be offered, do you see any downside to such a situation?

Bp. Williamson: If Rome liberated the Tridentine Mass so as to allow any Catholic priest to say it, with no need to ask anybody for permission, there would be a considerable upside. Grace, presently strangled by the new rite of Mass, could start flowing again in large quantities all over the Catholic world.

But there would also be a downside -the risk of some Catholics, presently enjoying the Tridentine Mass embedded in the fullness of Catholic doctrine, going over to attending the Tridentine rite surrounded by Conciliar doctrine and practice, e.g. in centers of the Society of St. Peter. It is as wise to accept half a bottle of wine in place of nothing, as it is foolish to want half a bottle in place of a full bottle.
OK, so if this off-the-reservationist is to be believed, SSPX contains the totality of revelation, the Novus Ordo strangles grace, people who are actually in valid communion with the Holy See and attend the 1962 Mass are still missing out -- and, oh yeah, schism is God's gift.

As if we needed reminding, Williamson repeats the latter point
AQ: Have you ever had any regrets that you became an ordained bishop in the Society of Saint Pius X?

Bp. Williamson: None. Spelt N-O-N-E.
Thanks for clarifying, Richie. It's like asking a woman if she regretted "becoming an ordained priest" in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River.

And what would a Williamson interview be without another salvo at the Pope and the Council?
Bp. Williamson: In Rome's present way of thinking and acting, Rome can only seek for an agreement with the Society which would enable it to put an end to the Society's resistance to what Rome has been doing -and has been waiting to do- ever since Vatican II, i.e. revolutionize the Catholic religion, and make it over into quite a different religion. As things stand now, for there to be an "agreement", either Rome - neo-modernist Rome - drops its neo-modernism, or the Society betrays its Catholicism, or half and half, etc. We pray to God that Rome may convert. We beg God that the Society may not betray.
As if the last month's interview with Schismatic-in-Chief Bernard Fellay didn't sink the Trad cause enough, there goes the reconciliation. There goes the universal indult.... Right down the drain.



Blogger Ben said...

I wouldn't say the universal indult is down the drain. Let's hope that the reason we need the Latin Mass back is for the good of the Church and not just to get these hardheads back. As much as I would love to see them return, it is evident that they are not "there yet". But for the good of the Church and a return of some good eliments in the Mass that we lost I think introducing the old mass in more would be a blessing for the Church. Our sense of liturgy is generally in bad shape.

6/10/05 15:18  
Blogger Jon said...

"There goes the universal indult.... Right down the drain."

Sure, and as soon as Benedict reads this, he's going to rip chapter 3 from Spirit of the Liturgy and flush it down the loo.

Dream on.

6/10/05 15:42  
Blogger Podatus said...

"There goes the universal indult.... Right down the drain."

Rocco, while you have a right to your opinions I think you are letting your bias affect your analysis on this issue. The Vatican has never geared its Indult policy exclusively to winning back SSPXer's. Major players like Hoyos and Estevez have been saying publicly that the Indult needs to be revised to reflect reality, i.e. a big demand in many places (from loyal Catholics) with little to no supply (from their bishops).

Mark my words, the only reason there won't be a liberalization of the Indult soon will have nothing to do with the SSPX, but with the hissie fits certain bishops' conferences may throw behind the scenes.

6/10/05 16:27  
Blogger Richard said...

1. I do expect some modification of the policy of the indult before too long.

What that will be? Who knows?

The hissie fits alluded to by Podatus may impact that.

2. The last two months have only confirmed by previous belief: Rome would ultimately make some kind of gesture on the liturgy, and then we'd get to true motives.

And that some would come, and some never will. In other words, some of SSPX would return to the fold, however uneasily. The Williamsons never will. They've built their own Magisterium now.

6/10/05 17:41  
Blogger PiousPius said...

I was going to say something..., but I'd rather not, or I`d have to go to confession immediately.

Anyway, Rocco, do you have ANY IDEA OF WHAT HAPPENED TO PAPABILE???

6/10/05 18:46  
Blogger Gaufridus said...

The bizzare part about lamenting the supposed loss of the "universal indult" is that the Mass of All Ages has never been suppressed: it's simply been ignored by a very bad interpretation of the pastoral, Second Vatican Council.

However, these poor interpretations have allowed the conciliar church to begin teaching things that are definitely not Catholic. It is a good thing that the SSPX does what it does in maintaining tradition or nobody would.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

15/11/05 12:55  

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