Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Whatta Panel!

First off, that Synod is keeping the Romans up LATE. It's party time over there. Then again, that's what happens when everyone gets to nap during the General Congregations....

The sound of silence you heard over the weekend was the temporary exodus of most of America's religion writers, who were gathered for their annual conference in Miami.

The major Catholic-centric panel was, of course, a discussion of the new Pope. Moderated by the intrepid Kevin Eckstrom of Religion News Service (my print editor -- well, one of them), the all-star lineup comprised Sr. Jeannine Gramick, John Allen and Joe Fessio. The question included a Q&A period. (All links are to mp3 audio.)

No, the participants did not don body armor. Listen and enjoy.

And, oh yeah, Rick Warren gave the keynote.



Blogger Jon said...


Thank you for the links. Very interesting, especially Father Fessio. This is the kind of thing I can't find elsewhere, and I appreciate it.

As to the Synod, I'm on the VIS mailing list. This stuff is fantastic. Who says there aren't lion bishops out there?

Here's my favorite of the day:

ARCHBISHOP JAN PAWEL LENGA M.I.C. OF KARAGANDA, KAZAKHSTAN. "Among the liturgical innovations produced in the Western world, two in particular tend to cloud the visible aspect of the Eucharist, especially as regards its centrality and sacredness: the removal of the tabernacle from the center and the distribution of communion in the hand. ... Communion in the hand is spreading and even prevailing as being easier, as a kind of fashion. ... Therefore, I humbly propose the following practical propositions: that the Holy See issue a universal regulation establishing the official way of receiving communion as being in the mouth and kneeling; with communion in the hand to be reserved for the clergy alone. May bishops in places where communion in the hand has been introduced work with pastoral prudence to bring the faithful slowly back to the official rite of communion, valid for all local Churches."

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