Saturday, September 24, 2005


From the BBC, the CofE is off charting new frontiers again:
The Bishop of Hereford has defended the decision to ordain a transsexual woman as a priest.

Assistant curate Sarah Jones, 43, from Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, was born as Colin Jones and spent the first 33 years of her life living as a man.

Evangelical group Evangelical Alliance said there was no "Christian acknowledgement" of gender realignment.

But the Right Reverend Anthony Priddis said Ms Jones - being ordained on Saturday - was "made and loved by God".

Ms Jones was a "superb candidate" who had the gender realignment surgery "many years ago - long before she explored the possibility of being ordained", Bishop Priddis said.

The issue of gender dysphoria was "understood a lot more clearly in this 21st century as we understand lots of things more clearly", he said.
Hmm. I never thought of it that way.



Blogger Marco, Trumphalistic Papist said...

Thus the Church of England continues its downward spiral into mindless irrelevancy. What else can be said of a church where its bishops need not even believe in God? Pathetic.

24/9/05 23:50  
Blogger Fungulo said...

Marco, if you think the Church of England has 'downward spiral into mindless irrelevancy' you have not spent enough time recently in Boston.

25/9/05 06:01  
Blogger Gary said...

It's strange. The people who object to ordaining women normally also take the position that Sarah/Colin is a man, surgery or no surgery.

So they shouldn't object to his ordination on the ground that he/she's a woman.


25/9/05 07:42  
Blogger Richard said...

Hello Fungulo,

Well - if that's true, this would not be the first time a local Catholic Church - even one once noted for its great vibrancy - disintegrated.

What, after all, ever became of the Catholic Church of North Africa? The churches of Asia Minor? The Church in England?

Some of those took external blows in some measure, to be sure. But this would not tbe the first time, alas, that we have seen a church commit collective suicide.

I hope that's not the case. I think Christendom is/was worse off for having lost Augustine's patrimony. But the Church itself will sruvive and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, no matter how horrifically or indifferently some of its nominal members may behave.

But that's not something we can say of the Anglican Church.

25/9/05 08:42  
Blogger patrick said...

"It's strange. The people who object to ordaining women normally also take the position that Sarah/Colin is a man, surgery or no surgery.

So they shouldn't object to his ordination on the ground that he/she's a woman."

I think the normal ground for objection is that there is a canonical impediment for those who have seriously mutilated themselves. If this transsexual were ordained by a Catholic bishop, it would be a valid ordination, because "she" is a male.

I am aware that, while Bishop of LaCrosse, then Raymond Burke obtained the necessary approvals from Rome to permit a transsexual man-to-woman take religious vows as a woman. It would be interesting to know the whole story behind this. The liberal alt press was critical of this in connection with the sex abuse crisis (huh?) as well as a few lone-ranger "watchdogs of the magisterium" types.

25/9/05 14:09  
Blogger John Mastai said...

bizarre! bizarre! bizarre!

Much of the craziness of Anglicanism and Episcopalianism always makes me think of Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman who spent so many years and such heart-felt investigation to discern what Church was the True Church, founded by Christ and what, if any, variants were legitimate organic developments. Of course, we know where he was led in the end: all roads lead to Rome. But I can't help think that if he lived in these times he would have a much shorter search for "splendor veritatis". In the 19th century, perhaps because of the Victorian reserve or the shorter distance from the Reformation, the parallels between the Catholic Church and the "church" of England were so similar that one could have a real question about which was authentic. However..... with the current state of things: the consistency of Roman Catholicism, even when unpopular, and the pathetic indicisiveness and laxicism of the Anglican communion; how could contemporary J.H. Newmans not see the writing on the wall?!

25/9/05 21:21  
Blogger George Collie said...

This is a hard one to defend, but I will try.

Anglicans rely on the consistency of theology and science. They believe God's word is based both on reason and reasonableness.

The good bishop appears to accept the concept of this priest's gender realignment as proof of the efficacy of 21st century science. He sees no reason to question what the priest or his doctors have told him.

For myself, I am skeptical about the value of this surgery. It reminds me a bit of the craze for lobotomies. But time will tell, won't it. In the mean time, transexuals remain fully human and part of Christ's family.

I am also unclear of the pastoral value of a transexual minister. But this isn't my diocese.

Question: does our Church prohibit sex changes?

26/9/05 00:48  

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