Friday, September 23, 2005

Clearing the Record

A source informs that the archdiocese of Philadelphia has lodged a complaint over this morning's Inquirer headline: "Don't Read Report, Cardinal Says."

Late this afternoon, the Inquirer website changed the headline to: "Report 'Slanted,' Rigali Says." The paper also issued the following correction:
A front-page article and headline ("Don't Read Report, Rigali says") in today's Inquirer about Cardinal Justin Rigali's views of the grand jury report on sexual abuse by priests incorrectly summarized his statements. In response to a question, Cardinal Rigali said the report was "graphic," "slanted" and of questionable value to families, but made no statement saying whether Catholics should read the report. Below is the article with a corrected version of the first sentence.
The corrected first sentence reads thus:
Cardinal Justin Rigali yesterday questioned the value to families of reading the district attorney's grand jury report, which accuses past leaders of the Philadelphia Archdiocese of covering up years of sexual abuse by priests.
Hopefully that sets it straight vis a vis Rigali. For my part, I've spent the afternoon speaking up in Bevilacqua's defense.



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