Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hell Week

Philadelphia is unique among American cities in that this town -- traditional as ever -- maintains a solid adherence to the "bulldog" edition of the Sunday paper of record.

In the old days, in most cities the Sunday edition would have a sizable pre-run on Saturday to give readers the leg-up on everything crammed into the major edition. The practice has dwindled elsewhere, but the Sunday Inquirer on Saturday remains the more widely-circulated (and lucrative) one for the paper.

I usually don't read the BD, but I just ran out to get one to get the advance on the abuse stories that'll be appearing in tomorrow's run. Another seven full pages -- complete with photos and summaries on all 63 men credibly accused over the years.

A profile of Cardinal Bevilacqua runs a full page, and I'm quoted briefly in it. Less is more, I guess -- I know my position is one which is not the popular perception of these times.

I'm really starting to wear down, although I can't just yet. I've been asked to appear (again) on live TV Monday night to offer my insights.

To be honest, I don't know what insights I can offer beyond my own heartbreak over the tragedy of all this, the damage it has caused in so many lives, and the woefully incomplete portrait of Cardinal Bevilacqua presented in the grand jury's report.

There is no glory in this. Only prayer and the abundant hope that the purifying fire which we're undergoing will, indeed, yield some fruit. The answer to that doesn't lie in the past and continuing its patterns. It lies in using this rustling wind for the greater good and as a force for a return to the Gospel.

Exaudi et libera nos, Domine....



Blogger Julie said...

You're in my prayers. Let us readers know when and where you're on TV.

24/9/05 16:58  

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