Friday, September 30, 2005

Project Purification Continues

This morning's Inquirer confirms what I've been hearing for a couple days: The church in Philadelphia is, by no means, out of the sex-abuse woods just yet....
Last week's grand jury report on clergy abuse and cover-ups in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has brought a fresh wave of allegations to the District Attorney's Office, the archdiocese, attorneys and victims' advocates.

The report had encouraged abuse victims and others to contact the District Attorney's Office with new complaints or information. The response, by e-mail as well as phone, was immediate.

"The complaints started the day after the report was announced and has continued to increase every day," Charles F. Gallagher, the prosecutor handling the cases, said yesterday. "It's been at least five to 10 a day, and increasing each day."

And the talk's begun as to how many more [priests] we'll be losing over this.... Suffice it to say, the word "bloodbath" is being tossed around.



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