Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Return to Delegation

L'Osservatore announces what we've long known: B16 will not preside at beatifications... From CNS
The communique from the Congregation for Saints' Causes said that while the study of the rites continues Pope Benedict will preside over canonizations, but beatifications, "which are still a pontifical act, will be celebrated by a representative of the Holy Father, who normally will be the prefect of the Congregation for Saints' Causes," Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins.

"The rite of beatification will take place in the diocese which promoted the cause of the new blessed or in another suitable location," including the Vatican, with the approval of the Secretariat of State, it said.

Normally, it said, the beatification should take place in the context of the Mass or Eastern Catholics' Divine Liturgy.

Explaining the new policy and the concerns of the Vatican's study, Cardinal Saraiva Martins said there appeared to be a pastoral need to re-emphasize the "clear and essential" difference between beatification and canonization.

At a canonization, the pope issues a formal decree recognizing the candidate's holiness and permitting public remembrance of the candidate at liturgies throughout the church, the cardinal wrote in L'Osservatore Romano.

With a beatification, the pope concedes permission for limited public remembrances, usually among members of the candidate's religious order or in the diocese where the candidate lived and worked.

"The recent decision of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, not to preside personally over the rites of beatification, responds to a widely perceived need to underline more strongly in the celebration the substantial difference between beatification and canonization and more visibly involve the particular churches in the beatification rites of their 'servants of God,'" the cardinal wrote.
There goes another piece of the JP school of church. Seems that Dziwisz will perform his beatification? What a moment that'll be.



Blogger Jeff said...

I'm not sure it WILL be Dziwisz in that case. JPII's cause is being sponsored by the Diocese of Rome, not by a Polish diocese. In that case, it might indeed be, not the Pope, but the Bishop of Rome and Primate of Italy that would preside.

29/9/05 17:10  
Blogger Hector said...

This change seems reasonable to me. What is your opinion Rocco?

29/9/05 17:21  
Blogger Jacob said...

As I recall, this is not so much a change as a return to the old ways.

29/9/05 21:18  
Blogger Marco, Trumphalistic Papist said...

Hello people! Earth to Jeff: The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and Primate of Italy, that's why he's the... Pope. The day-to-day affairs of the Roman diocese are attended to by the Holy Father's Vicar for Rome, Camillo Cardinal Ruini, who is assisted by the Vicegerent, Archbishop Luigi Moretti. The offices of the Vicariate of Rome are in the Lateran Palace.

BTW, the change seems reasonable and, as jacob said, a return to the old ways.

29/9/05 23:26  
Blogger Jeff said...

Earth to Marco:

Of COURSE the Pope is Bishop of Rome. That was my POINT.

If the Pope is going to step out of the way for the local ordinary in beatification cases and the local ordinary in JPII's case is the Bishop of Rome (since it's the Diocese of Rome, not any Polish diocese, that is sponsoring the beatification), then the Pope's still presiding at the beatification. Isn't he? Unless he WANTS Ruini the Vicar or Dziwisz the Pal or somebody else to do it.

Okay, Marco, back into orbit with you!


30/9/05 00:48  

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