Friday, September 30, 2005

The Reverse Visitation

The New York Times reports that CMSM is about to take matters into their own hands -- going to Rome to protest a document they haven't yet seen
Responding to reports that the Vatican may be close to releasing a directive to exclude most gay candidates from entering the priesthood, leaders of Roman Catholic men's religious orders in the United States are planning to travel to Rome to voice their objections in person.

The trip is one of the steps by leaders of Catholic religious orders to try to reassure priests and seminarians who have been rattled by news of a possible Vatican ban on the ordination of gay men.

Word of the trip, which has not been scheduled, was in an internal letter sent on Monday to leaders of religious orders from the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, the key American coordinating body for more than 250 leaders of Catholic religious orders, like the Franciscans, the Dominicans and the Jesuits. The letter was provided to The New York Times by a member of a religious order who said he was pleased by the superiors' actions.

In addition, at least two leaders of Jesuit provinces have written to their priests and seminarians reassuring them that their sexual orientation is not an issue as long as they remain celibate and chaste.

"We're not going to push anybody overboard," said the Rev. John Whitney, head of the Oregon province of Jesuits, which includes 254 men in five Northwestern states.
Oh, this is not gonna be pretty at all.

The NFPC's top guys met in Chicago this week with similar concerns. Response to come....



Blogger JT said...


Some good news just when I was about to bale out of this sinking barque of Peter which I love so dearly (who knows why now-a-days?).

The Abbots told the US Bishops in the wake of Dallas that monastries were not a dumping ground for priest-abusers. And now the Superiors and standing up to be counted. Maybe we should have these charecters running the curria and dioceses intsead.

30/9/05 13:10  
Blogger John Hearn said...

In other news, MANBLA is sending a delegation to Rome to protest the Catholic Church's unfair ban on man-boy love...

30/9/05 13:25  
Blogger Jeff said...

Yes, Williamson is a hopeless case. He's never coming back. A clearer case of "Non Serviam!" I have not encountered since the guy who coined the phrase. There is some slight hope for some of the others, however.

This, Rocco:

"It's like asking a woman if she regretted "becoming an ordained priest" in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River."

is not quite right. A woman who is "ordained" is not a priest. Just a woman who tried to become one.

A bishop who is ordained improperly but using valid form by a valid bishop IS STILL A BISHOP, though a schismatic one.

6/10/05 17:25  

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