Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Faith In Action...

Luscious, ain't it? Well, how 'bout we put it to good (as opposed to ostentatious) use? We got the reminder that cardinals were the first supermodels, you can stop the show now....

Because we know trads have money and are willing to invest it in all things luxe, I have an idea: How bout we sell a couple cappa magne and give the proceeds to Katrina Relief? Hey, it'll free those train-bearers (the resurrection of a treasured "liturgical" ministry) up to actually do something productive in their own time instead of modelling and page duties at a Medieval secular court.

If the treasures of the church aren't ultimately destined for the good of the world and the benefit of others, what's their use in the first place?

And, oh, for those who are wondering what that red thing is that ate Cardinal Pell, here's the resource you're looking for.



Blogger patrick said...

The same argument could be made of gee-tars, pianos, and other instruments of the folk mass ensemble. The cappa magna was perfectly appropriate in the context of the Juventutem mass.

7/9/05 11:08  
Blogger Gyrovagus said...

So, patrick, when Benedict XVI celebrates Mass for those future-of-the-Church youth, we'll have the silver trumpets, sedia, ostrich flabelli and . . . FINALLY . . . "reaching out" - the TIARA?

7/9/05 11:24  
Blogger David said...

it is interesting, I only saw it in use once and it was when Cardinal Cody of Chicago came to my parish in 1968 or so. I think Archbishop Burke wears one every once in awhile.

7/9/05 11:25  
Blogger patrick said...

Oh, I think it would be quite nice, Gyrovagus, though I wouldn't be too upset if he doesn't do it, either (which I suspect is the case). I was reacting against the shopworn "why does the Church have fancy things when there are poor people" arguments.

7/9/05 11:30  
Blogger Jason Cardona said...

This reminds of the Fulton Sheen story about a priest who was ranting and raving against the material possessions of the Church, to which the good Archbishop responded by asking him how much he had embezzled from his parish.

Any skeletons in your closet, Rocco? ;)

7/9/05 12:05  
Blogger Marco, Trumphalistic Papist said...

The capa magna, now there's a neat piece of equipment for the sartorially minded prince of the Church. Way cool. Now if we could only get B16 to reëmploy some of the African and Oriental elements of papal ritual---sedia, flabellæ, tiara--the petrine office wouldn't be so darn Eurocentric. That's asking a lot, I know, but perhaps someone can start an online petition to bring back the fanon and falda! It would be worth it just to see Don Piero's bloodpressure reach the stratosphere.

8/9/05 04:22  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Or we could just ask them to dress like those who they are reputed to succeed, i.e, the Apostles. A simple robe, a good pair of shoes, a sturdy walking stick (for chastising wacky Liberals, of course!) and the willingness to follow their leader.

Cappas Magna don't quite fit into the picture.

8/9/05 11:57  
Blogger Marco, Trumphalistic Papist said...

Looks like Jimmy Mac is suffering from the heresy of archaism, that any tradition or accretion beyond Apostolic times is somehow illegitimate. Why not return to the practice of public penance? How about we all dress in togas? It was good enough for those who they "reputedly"(?) succeed. A little balance, please. If you don't like the cappa magna, then don't wear one. Long trains make me nervous, too much of a chance for a slip up.

9/9/05 17:01  

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