Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Archbishop Levada, we might just need a great purge after all.

Not to be outdone by the cons, Catholics for a Free Choice now seeks to Americanize the Holy See from the Left with its new project, Pope Watch. (Tip to the Fair Amy.)

The Pope Watch mission statement speaks about how it "will closely monitor [protest] the [fascist] actions and [authoritarian] statements of the new pontiff, his emissaries, the Vatican and the Holy See to call attention to the steps that the institutional church will [please, please, please] make — or not [because of male chauvinism] make — toward addressing the [ideological] needs of Catholics and non-Catholics throughout the world [like sanctioning abortion-on-demand and making Frances Kissling pope]."

Sorry, in the name of full disclosure I had to return their first-draft language to the finished document -- it's in the brackets.

And there's no such thing as "The Vatican and the Holy See" -- what an indicator of how well-informed a Catholic hate-group (ironically comprised of Catholics) is.

Don't watch Pope Watch for anything but ridiculous wailing. I just got my hands on a copy of The Rise of B16, so I have to get to it... Will resurface with review in short order.



Blogger Jacob said...

Your recension of the 'about us' document was most humorous and also most telling. I admire your ability to find such drafts. :)

8/6/05 16:59  

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