Monday, June 13, 2011

Off to "Space": For the Bench, Countdown to Liftoff

All apologies for the light posting of late, gang... still, just know it's been in the name of bigger fish to throw.

Bringing the first turn on the dais of a historic, high-profile presidency and a big-stakes review of the Dallas Charter and Norms governing clergy sex-abuse cases, among several other items of significance, as the US bishops approach this week's June Meeting outside Seattle -- the bench's most consequential Summer Plenary since, at least, 2004's Denver gathering that produced the still-resonant guidelines on Catholics in Political Life -- these pages are getting the ducks in a row to bring it all your way live and in real-time.

Full coverage of the Midsummer Classic from the Floor and around the halls at the Bellevue Hyatt begins tomorrow afternoon, with the trusty live-shots envisioned for the major talks and debates.

In the meantime, to one and all, hope your Pentecost was richly blessed and an invigorating shot of Comfort for the road ahead. More soon from the West... and for all the rest, as always, stay tuned.