Saturday, January 16, 2010

These Are Days....

As Vocation Awareness Week reaches its close, one final reflection... in the form of two house favorites.

First, on a more buoyant note... (give it a minute or two to load -- you won't regret it)

(For the record, that clip comes thanks to that ever calling-friendly outlet, MTV....)

...and, indeed, for the more battle-weary:

To those among us seeking out the signs (no need to 'fess up, but you know who you are), a simple word: this life, this church, is yours to explore, and don't be afraid... never let anyone pressure you, nor tell you what you "need" to be. When you know, you know -- and whatever it is, wherever it might lead you, the greatest gift, the only true or fruitful calling, is that you be yourself... and wherever it takes you, you'll never go alone.

So, friends, just keep listening, have fun and hold on... and in God's time, you'll find It.

As for a case in point, well, you're reading this, aren't you?