Friday, June 19, 2009

Mornin', church, and a Happy Friday to one and all.

For whatever reason, your scribe's feeling a little blocked up this morning -- per usual, been at the desk since 7ish for the standard "morning crush," but things just aren't flowing the way they usually do.

All apologies for the delay; after another chaotic week, please be patient as the mind de-bungs itself... and if you could send up a good word for a special intention while we're at it, it'd mean the world.

In the meantime, this Sacred Heart Friday provides the backdrop to the opening of the Year of the Priest, which begins at 5.30 Rome time (11.30am Eastern) as the relics of St John Vianney are brought into St Peter's, where B16'll celebrate Vespers a half-hour later.

Livestreams are ready to go and, yep, the worship aid is posted.

To all our troops in the field, buona festa... and, well, back at it in a bit.