Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And Now, All Quiet... Well, Almost

And well, gang, whew.

Read and heed the reactions of your choice -- or, better still, have your own -- but with Domesday now behind us, the last of the spring cycle's three major stories is now put to bed.

Again, whew.

The confluence of the Gotham transition, the Pope in the Holy Land, and the spontaneous combustion that was "Obama Dame" has left little time to rest and a lot of back-office stuff to take care of, so while the possibility exists, your narrator's grabbing a breather to: 1. breathe (and catch up on sleep), 2. do some room-cleaning and 3. chip away at a mountain of thank-yous, notes and some longer-range stuff before the next main event: the installation of the archbishop-elect of Westminster, which begins Thursday night (...and for which the premier see of England and Wales has its own blog up and running).

Of course, anything unexpectedly big in the interim will run immediately, but -- at least for now -- the stage is a lot quieter than it's been for some time.

As always, stay tuned... and in the meantime, all thanks for reading, hopefully enjoying, and all the patience, kindness and support.