Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's On

Well, folks, in case you were wondering when it's gonna begin, "Bishops on Biden" is already out the gate.

Not long after the Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden gave the latest contentious Meet the Press answer on when life begins in light of his pro-choice stance and the church's teaching on abortion, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison told his usual Sunday-morning crowd that, having seen the program just prior to the liturgy, he was shelving his prepared preach to address the theme of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Delaware senator "as Catholics."

"You can see I'm worked up about this," the Wisconsin prelate -- like Biden, a son of Scranton -- said during his weekly 11am Mass at St Patrick's parish in the heart of the "People's Republic."

Audio of the unscripted 15-minute homily is already posted (as mp3); suffice it to say, it's got money-quotes all over the place... and the Ironman reference is just the start.

SVILUPPO: Apparently, Biden's comments didn't just violate religious orthodoxy, but "Democratic party doctrine," to boot.

SVILUPPO 2: Late Tuesday, the US bishops issued a statement in response to Biden's comments.