Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Word To Our Sponsors

Whew... what a week. And just in case you're thinking otherwise, it's still not as glamorous as it looks. Not by any stretch.

Last Wednesday's "Leak of the Week" has had the mind-blowing effect of almost doubling site traffic overnight. So, as if things were hectic before, these pages are now pulling in excess of 10,000 unique visitors a day.

With apologies for not getting around to it 'til now, welcome to all the new readers and, as always, a world of thanks to the vets who've mustered the fortitude and patience to stick around.

Not only is this new visibility intensely humbling, it scares the bejesus out of me. Like well it should as with it, of course, comes an increased responsibility to be accurate, fair, and to provide as much context and detail as possible, whilst being easy to read, a tad informative -- and somewhat entertaining, to boot. I hope. It's that mix that makes Whispers what it is, and while these pages are not a one-man wire service, I can only pray (and keep beating myself up) to the end that the effort yields a consistently better, more balanced product.

As many of you know, however, yours truly remains the poorest man in the business. By far. And this is where you come in.

Just as the wonders of covering the church's daily backbeat never cease, neither do the bills. I've been repeatedly encouraged to either move to a subscription-based platform or take advertising to get on a better footing.

While the vote of confidence means so much and the stability would be a welcome relief, as the last week seems to have proven again, what goes up here belongs in the public trust as a resource for anyone and everyone who finds it to be of use. (As more than a few of these are fellow 20-somethings for whom the Ramen diet is more than just optional, you see where I'm coming from.) And ads bring with 'em a whole boatload of issues that, having been raised in my dad's newsroom, I know are best avoided.

Bottom line: whether Whispers keeps pluggin' isn't my call, but yours.

So, along the right sidebar is what's come to be known as my "guitar case" -- i.e. the PayPal donation button. If you get anything worthwhile from these pages and could lend a hand, it would keep the ship afloat more than you'd realize. And if you find yourself more snail-mail friendly and are keen to help, drop me a line on how to contribute via post.

OK, I feel a bit better now.

This readership's already been way too good to me, and for each new uptick, I find myself that much more insufficient to the task. Keeping on hasn't necessarily been the easiest thing, but whatever happens from here, never could I have imagined anything like the beauty, joy and fun of this experience, and no words could express my thanks to all of you who've come along for the ride.

Please, please keep a place for me in your prayers. God love you all.