Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Episcopal Voter Guides

Saying that "one of the scariest things" in recent years has been "the vanishing of the [political] center," Archbishop George Niederauer got into gear Thursday night, holding court at a San Francisco Theology on Tap on the coming midterm elections. Here's some video for you; wouldn't it be lovely if every bishop had a session like this in his diocese in the run-up to November 7?

We can dream, right?

Lacking that, and for those of you keen on balance, keep an eye out for Friday night as EWTN's The World Over hosts a 90-minute panel featuring Archbishop Burke of St Louis and Bishops Doran of Rockford and Aquila of Fargo (not Sioux Falls, as noted on the website).

Actually, it might not end up being all vanilla; Aquila forcefully stated last month that a recent death sentence in North Dakota "reinforces the false perspective of revenge as justice. In doing so, it diminishes respect for all human life, both the lives of the guilty and the innocent," noting also that "Those who feel that imposition of the death penalty can be used as a statement to dissuade future predators from similar attacks are not looking at the full potential effect of violence as an answer to violence."

Closer to home, for those of you interested in what was supposed to be The Armageddon "Battle of the Catholics" Senate race here in Pennsylvania, both the local Inky and the Rick-friendly are saying that things aren't looking good for the Legion's choice....

One almost feels cheated out of a real, knock-down-drag-out campaign. Pity. Then again, enough partisan cannibalism takes places on the blogs that a modicum of civility is refreshing... everything being relative, of course.