Monday, July 17, 2006

The Rain in Maine Falls Plainly on the... Cardinal

Levada picketed at friend's retirement Mass:
They were not at Holy Martyrs Catholic Church in Falmouth Foreside to protest outgoing Monsignor Charles Murphy. Rather, they said they were there to bring attention Cardinal William Levada, who was in attendance at Sunday's Mass.

The protesters said they were angry over the way in which Levada has handled sex abuse charges against other priests.

Protester Paul Kellen told News 8, "We think that the scope, the depth of this situation needs to be made apparent to these men at all times, because the actions they're taking are not protecting the next generation of children."...

In his 10 years in Falmouth, Murphy established a number of programs and services intended to bring families, children and young adults back into the church.
So, yet again, it seems Levada's handling of this case means nothing to the community of victim-survivors. Well, it should.