Saturday, March 18, 2006

S. Patrizio a Roma: Noli Irritare the Irish

Word to the wise: Don't try and do Theology on Tap on St. Paddy's Day... Even in Rome.

An op on the ground sends this cautionary tale of what happens when such wisdom is ignored:
Dr Scott Hahn was given a truly Irish Welcome yesterday in a Roman Irish pub. He was delivering a lecture as part of the ‘Theology on Tap’ series in the pub opposite the Gesu, when a squad of drunken Irish men burst in and seized his microphone. They demanded that the bar manager switch on the large screen TV so that they could watch the Rugby. After a lengthy altercation with the manager, and some blue language, the Irish won and poor Dr Hahn was forced to flee.
Erin go bragh, di sicuro.